Montana Association USATF

2019 Annual Meeting 

Board Members in Attendance:

Bill Brist, Sara Brist, Greg Mohl , Chad Cohley, Jesse Zents, Liza Dennehey


Stu Melby
Call to order at 12:58

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes - Approved with revision Motion by Sara Brist, seconded by Liza Merrifield, passed by voice vote unanimous

President’s report (Greg Mohl)
The Montana Association was Provisionally Accredited in 2018 and will `be Accredited in 2019. The reason being we were one official short in 2018 and in 2019 the 2018 Annual meeting minutes did not get posted to the website (primarily due to continuing problems with the USATF hosted Association website). 

My role with the Accreditations Sub-Committee continues to expand. As the Vice-Chair I am accountable for keeping all the information straight, the statistics and function as the day to day person for the Sub Committee. I also compiled a comparison with AAU on the youth side which I will share later.  

Vice President report – (Alan Cress) no report.

Secretary Report– (Kay Newman)  

The business duties of the Association, primarily the filing of the Secretary of State’s report, the IRS form 990, and the report to National to make sure the Montana Association remains in the USATF Group Exemption were or will be completed as required.
Treasurer – (Bill Brist)

As is customary, the Treasurers report consists of two items. The year end 2018 report and the year to date 2019 report. The reasoning for this is that much of our fiscal expenditures on an annual basis happen at this meeting and so the year to date is not an accurate reflection of our year end finances. Review of the yearend report reflects that the Montana Association remains fiscally solvent with a balance of $ 43,003.52. The year to date balance is $ 51,215.63.  As with last year there may be funds to work with when considering appropriations.
A Motion to accept the Treasurers report as written was made by Chad Cohley and seconded by Greg. Motion passed by unanimous voice vote. 

Committee reports
Officials –
49 certified officials 19 missing SafeSport and background. Under 40 to go to meets to work them

Jan 5 at MSU, March for MSUB, additional possible clinics may be in Missoula Or Helena. There was also discussion of doing a clinic on the night before the Annual Meeting/Youth Meeting.

Official of the year has been selected and for consideration in the future we may want to also invite the winners to the Annual Meeting/Youth Meeting.

Masters and Seniors – (Kay Newman)
No report –  
Race Walk – (Kay Newman) by Greg

Senior Olympics is moving more toward Power Walk as their primary event reflecting trends seen elsewhere in the country.
Associations Workshop (Greg Mohl)
Once again the Association Workshop coincided with the Annual meeting. As is the practice (and coming with the strong recommendation from the Associations Committee) the Associations Workshop should be attended by the President and any of the officers present. Greg Mohl attended all of the sections as he was presenting in most of them. This year the Associations Workshop was moved back a day and I am not sure whether or not we will get any reimbursement due to continued tight budgets at the National level.

LDR – (Bill Brist)

We may want to focus on developing a few more championships, perhaps focusing on smaller events which are more cost effective to sanction. There was also discussion regarding adding a MUT championship as we have a number of well-established races.
 Mens track – (Alan Cress)
 No report –  



During the Youth Meeting there was considerable discussion regarding a Lvl 1 school in Montana. Possibly to be hosted in Missoula during the summer. 

Women’s track  No report
Law and Legal  (Bill Brist) No report

Communications (Sara Brist)

The website continued to be a challenge during this last year. With the platform hosted at the National Office we continue to have difficulty in updates staying up when posted as well as calendar and Association Championships information/results. Hope is that as the IT gets the National site up and running we can get ours running as well.

Membership and Sanctions (Greg Mohl)
As of this weekend we are at 1093 members (which is up from last year), Still about 80% youth. On the club side we have a number of successful new clubs. Currently 21 active clubs. 

On the Sanctions side, currently 38 which is less than our target is 48. Nationally USATF is losing a lot of sanctions. Some of that is changes in the participation and number of road races offered, some is competition from other insurers and our sanctioning is quite expensive for larger events (risk based) and finally some is due to the IT issues at the National Office

We need to continue to encourage race directors to enter their sanctions online.   


Youth – (Jesse Zentz)

Youth committee – 

The youth meeting and awards were held in advance of the Annual meeting this year. It was well attended and it continues to be an important part of marketing our programs. 

The Association Cross Country Championships (Youth, Open, and Masters) will be held in Helena the first weekend in November. It is hoped that we can develop a rotation of sites in the future to host meet. 

Old businaess

No old business

New Business
This is not an election year
Having enacted a directive from the Board of Directors two years ago to suspend the term limit for the next 4 years the President (Greg Mohl) thanked the Board for their continued support and called for nominations for the remaining positions of the Executive Committee:
President – Greg Mohl (1 years remaining)

Vice President – Alan Cress
Secretary – Kay Newman
Treasurer – Bill Brist


Committee chairs
Point of clarification, by our By-Laws, the committee chairs serve at the pleasure of the President unless there is reason to elect them by the memberships of specific sports committees (youth and LDR in particular). By practice the Montana Association President has selected committee chairs with input from the floor at the Annual meeting.    

The two chairs that may be elected by request of the membership of that sport committee (Youth and LDR) requires two separate clubs to initiate the request an election for either of these Chair positions. Two years ago, the Youth Chair established a youth committee which meets in advance of the Youth Awards. As there have been no new requests to elect chairs to the Youth and LDR Committees, the President with the support of the Board of Directors will continue to fill these positions.  

Also, coming down the pipe is going to be a requirement that all chairs as well as the Executive Committee must be members, safe sport and background screened
Chair positions:
Communications – Sara Brist
Education – Recommendation to ask Diane Cummings as she is point person on possible Lvl1 

Law and Legal – Bill Brist

LDR – Bill Brist

Masters/Seniors – Suggestion to move Masters to Alan as it fits with his Men’s track?

Memberships and Sanctions – Greg Mohl

Mens Track – Alan Cress
Officials – Chad Coley
Race Walk – Kay Newman
Technology Chair - Liza Dennehy

Sargent at Arms - Linda Skelton 

Women’s Track – Sara

Youth – Jesse Zentz

After discussion of Association needs it was recommended that we create a new Board position to handle outreach and marketing. Suggested that we fill the new position Marketing with Stu Melby

With no further discussion the President submitted to the Board his slate of Committee Chairs including the new Marketing position.

Upon review of current financials and anticipated needs as per committee the following were brought forward for appropriations at this time:
Executive -                                          $ 66 (PO Box rental)

Annual Meeting/Assoc Workshop       $ TBD To be determined based on discussion of delegates

Communications –                              -----
Education                                           $ TBD if we get a lvl 1 school for 2020 as per request

Grants                                                 -----

Law and Legal                                     -----

LDR                                                     $200 (purchase medals for Champions and recognition awards)
Masters/ Seniors                                 $ 150

Memberships and Sanctions               -----

Mens Track                                         $ (purchase medals for Champions)
Officials                                              $ 500 (pay certifying fee for officials and reimburse travel)
Race Walk                                          -----
*Technology Chair                              ----       

*Sargent at Arms                                -----      

Women’s Track                                  -----      

Youth                                                $ 1000

Marketing         $ 500 from National office and TBD     

TBD on the Associations Workshop and Annual Meeting Stipend (we must send at least 4)

  • Historically $1500 as supported by annual financials. Recommendation in 2015 was to defer decision on amount to appropriate until discussion on Annual Meeting delegates. 

  • In 2015 the Board decided to fund on a trial basis what it would take to cover the meeting registration, airfare, and hotel room to send a delegation that meets the Accreditation Requirements for the Association. Review of the financials post meeting was that the cost to that Association for that delegation was approximately $1500/delegate (2 were self paid so we paid for 6)

  • In 2016 2017 and 2018 we again sent a full delegation with the expectation that it would bring a similar cost.

TBD on Marketing. Discussion regarding how we want to handle the Marketing issue is that at this point we do not know what our needs will be beyond what is expected to come from the National Office in the form of Marketing support. For the time being as Stu builds out his plans for the effort if there are needs they will be brought forward for consideration with the recognition that we can appropriate funds at a later date with a meeting if necessary. 

Discussion – 

Motion to advance the appropriations as recommended was made by Greg Mohl and Seconded by Jesse Zentz. Motion carried unanimous by voice vote.

Annual Meeting delegates and Associations Workshop Representative.
The Montana Association currently has a target of 4 delegates at the Annual meeting. In the past we benefited by a number of individuals who would attend on their own but we should not always count on that. The test in 2015 of sending a full delegation was successful in that it was the first time since the new standards were adopted that we met Accreditation. With our current resources it is recommended that we try to send a full delegation again
After much discussion regarding the requirements of the delegation, who may be available to attend the meeting and where the Montana Association resources may be best utilized 

   At a minimum the Delegation is expected to cover:

  • Association Workshop Designate, Required Associations meetings (President)

  • Youth workshop Designate, Youth (Youth Chair)

  • Athlete Representative (from list provided by National office)

  • Track and Field Representative (Mens/Womens TF Chair)

  • LDR Representative (LDR Chair)

  • Officials Representative (Officials Chair)

Additionally, it is recognized that our new Marketing chair would benefit by integrating into what is discussed at the Annual Meeting. 

Motion by Greg Mohl  – The Montana Association hopes that we will continue to benefit from delegates that can self-fund but in the event that none do, our intent is to fully fund delegates sufficient to meet the needs as outlined above. (transportation, motel, registration) TBD up to a limit of $1,500/person.  Seconded by Bill Brist. Motion carried by voice vote unopposed.

Greg will communicate and coordinate with the delegation. To the degree that Committee Chairs and the international athlete are available we will fill with them first then seek to fill in with available members to fill out the delegation. As in the past, participation at the Annual Meeting will be reviewed to make sure that this is a good use of Association resources.
Adjourn 4:05 PM

Motion to adjourn was made at 4:05 PM by Bill Brist and seconded by Sara Brist. By voice vote without objection motion to adjourn is carried.
Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Secretary

Gregory B. Mohl
President, Montana Association USATF