2018 Appropriations:
Upon review of current financials and anticipated needs as per committee the following were brought forward for appropriations at this time:
Executive -                                          $66   (PO Box)
Annual Meeting/Assoc Workshop       $ TBD   To be determined based on discussion of delegates
Communications –                              -----
Education                                            -----
Grants                                                 -----
Law and Legal                                     -----
LDR                                                     $75     (purchase medals for Champions)
Masters/ Seniors                                 -----
Memberships and Sanctions               -----
Mens Track                                         $75      (purchase medals for Champions)
Officials                                           $1500     (pay certifying fee for officials and reimburse travel)
Race Walk                                          -----     
*Technology Chair                              -----      (review needs and submit mid year if necessary
*Sargent at Arms                                -----     
Women’s Track                                  $ 75      (purchase medals for Champions)
Youth                                                $500      

TBD on the Associations Workshop and Annual Meeting Stipend 
·         Historically $1500 as supported by annual financials. Recommendation in 2015 was to defer decision on amount to appropriate until discussion on Annual Meeting delegates.
·         In 2015 the Board decided to fund on a trial basis what it would take to cover the meeting registration, airfare, and hotel room to send a delegation that meets the Accreditation Requirements for the Association. Review of the financials post meeting was that the cost to that Association for that delegation was approximately $1500/delegate
·         It is anticipated that for 2016 we may expect a similar cost but will not know until after the meeting and expenses are turned in.  For budgeting purposes Annual meeting may cost as much as $12,000 before grants and reimbursements.